2016 – what’s in store?

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2016 – what’s in store?

2015 was an interesting year, with a couple of major projects falling by the wayside. The Zen Bicycle Band played no gigs at all and I departed from The Kismet Collective to pursue other projects. So, what is in store for 2016? I have 3 projects I'd like to get completed. Firstly, is my jazz quartet album 'Don't Give Up The Day Job'. It is looking as though we will be in the studio at the end of February. Later in the year I'm hoping to get out the first Mo_Min_Ti album '20 Trad Jazz Greats' - which of course will have no trad jazz at all! In addition (and time permitting) I am looking at some real trad jazz, but I need to pick up a xylophone first. I've been listening to some early Red Norvo recordings and am getting hooked.


  1. Will Vine - July 7, 2016 2:49 pm

    Hi Dave, Saw Cube at The Landmark and was as impressed as everyone else. Fairly new to Deal and finding my feet in a great music scene, I’ve been chatting on and off with Landmark promoter John Spooner about the difficulties of running jazz clubs (I’ve had some of that back in Hertfordshire). Amongst topics pertinent to this – a varied, interesting, and affordable programme and the lack of a permanent and good quality piano. With that in mind I thought to recommend to John some piano-less duos and trios. One project that I recalled seeing a year or two back was a great electronic vibraphone collaboration between Anthony Kerr and Orphy Robinson. Having stumbled upon your page here, and noted your diverse interests, I wondered if you were aware this on/off project, they cleverly call Stickchops and whether you ought to be in touch with them. I leave it to you to track them down on line….if you want. I’d love to get them down this way some time. Will look out for your gigs. Will Vine.

    • admin - July 19, 2016 10:41 pm

      HI Will,
      Thanks for the very positive feedback. I am a fan of both Anthony and Orphy and have seen them separately, but never together and Stickchops sounds as though it was a great project.My loss.

      Hope to see you at a gig soon.

      Best wishes



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