The Operation

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The Operation

So the day of the operation arrived and off I went to hospital (many thanks to Amy for driving us there)  

Once in my gown, I met Goran the anaesthetist. He informed me that part of the process was to give me a spinal injection as that made the process easier and safer. Scared me shitless. Didn't fancy that at all. He did have a few wise words "We are all going to die, but you probably won't die from this". In truth, that was very comforting.  

In came Mr Eddy the consultant who was going to perform the DaVinci operation. More great news, is that he wasn't going to be able to spare the nerves - so I was going to need mr chemical to help me in the future. Ah well, but at least I'm alive. He did tell me how much extra stuff he was going to take away, but I didn't really take it in. I later found out that was seminal vesicles and some lymph nodes.  

So off I went down to the theatre and climbed onto the table. Goran sprayed some cold onto my back and then said he was going to give me a bit of anaesthetic before doing the spinal, just to "take the edge off'. And that was the last thing I remember until waking up in the recovery room.  

Apparently, I was wheeled back to the ward, I pretended to be doing the breast stroke! Maybe I should start taking drugs............  

And what was the first thing I noticed when back - the one thing we all love - the catheter.  

(Much) more of that later.   Goran and Mr Eddy dropped by and the operation seemed to go well.   After 24 hours, I was sent home.